The Dutch culture differs on some points with the Spanish culture.

The work day begins in the Netherlands between 08.30 am and 09.00 am hours and ends around 17.00 pm.
Breakfast is eaten at home: a few slices of bread with ham, cheese or jam.

The food is minor important compared with the Spaniards; There is only a half hour break at around 12.00 am and 12.30 pm and they eat in the canteen of the company. The majority of the people in Netherlands takes a few sandwiches from home and drinks during the break tea, coffee, milk or soft drinks.

The evening begins in Netherlands at around 18.00 hours; time for dinner! 
In General, the Dutch stay much more at home. The place to meet friends or family is often in their own hous.
The rhyhtm of life is distinctly different in the Netherlands than in Spain.

Organizational culture and dealing with collegues

In comparison with Spain:

  • More directly
  • Less hierarchical
  • More focused on the development of employees
  • Employees are taking more initiative and faster responsibility
  • Informal contact with colleagues
  • More individual focus
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