Social security and health


Care and medical expenses

You must join a Dutch health insurance company; for which you pay your monthly premium. Your employer keeps a share in on the wage; you also pay a part directly on the Dutch health care provider. You can get healthcare in the Netherlands. Part of the costs of that care you get reimbursed by the Dutch health insurance company. In addition, you can also get medical care in your country of residence if you are registered. Deliver a  E106-form at your health care provider in Spain. You get this form of Dutch health insurance company.

Use this form E106 also for partner or children, if they have no income; they also can receive care in Spain.

Does your partner workes in Spain, then the children are co-insured at the polis of the partner. They should report it to their health care provider in Spain.

A European health insurance card (EHIC) from Spain is no longer valid if you work in Netherlands.


Healthcare benefits

Possibly you are entitled to healthcare benefits, which makes it possible that  you (and co-insured family members) get a part of the premium for health insurance in Netherlands back. This is called a healthcare allowance. Health care benefits question in to the service charges from the tax authorities.

When can you get a healthcare allowance?

  • You are 18 years of age or older.
  • You are alone and earn a maximum of €26,071 per year.
  • You earn with your partner a maximum of €41,880 per year.
  • How many you get refunded depends on the income.


Social security:

National insurance premiums

You pay premiums for retirementpension (AOW), survivor's pension (ANW) and exceptional medical expenses (AWBZ). These insurances are called "national insurance". The employer keeps these amounts on the pay-in and pay the premiums to the tax authorities. These contributions, together with the tax, part of the so-called incometax.

Child benefit

You are going to work into the Netherlands and are also insured in the  Netherlands. Thereby you can for your children child benefit (AKW) from Netherlands. This child benefit is a contribution towards the costs for the care of your children under 18 years. Does your partner lives in Spain? Than Spain will pay the Child benefit.

The Dutch child benefit can be requested at the SocialeVerzekeringsbank (SVB)

Employee Insurance Premiums

These are social insurances for all employees. You pay premiums for unemployment insurance (WW) and the employer pays the premiums for disability insurance (WIA).

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