The employment contract

You have found a job at a Dutch employer. With your employer you have a labour agreement. For example, in this contract are the rules for working hours, wages, vacation, leave.

Next to your contract is often a collective labour agreement (CAO). It contains the additional rules for all workers in the sector over pay or wage for sickness.

Also, you get also 8% holiday pay above your gross salary.


Preperation for working in the Netherlands :

Applying for the social security number (BSN number)

The application of a citizen service number (BSN) is required; This is a similar number as the NIE in Spain. The number you get to the IRS and you need to communicate it to the employer. 

Other important matters:

  • Open a Dutch bank account; Unlike in Spain you can get this just through the internet. An appointment on a bank office can only for advice; most business can be handled via the internet or the ATM machine.
  • Find a home. A property is in Netherlands usually unfurnished.

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